Domenico De Simone

Pianist and composer Domenico De Simone attended Arts School and the Conservatory of Music in the seaside resort city of Pescara on Italy’s Adriatic coast. It is in this latter institution that he currently holds the Chair for the subsidiary subject of Harmony.

Specialist studies in composition and electronic music have assured him an appreciation not only of the classical orchestra but also an excellent technical knowledge of most modern synthesizers, sonorous generators and computer software for use in composition and orchestration.

Among the qualities that distinguish Domenico from many other composers is the ability to write virtually all styles of music. In fact his musical structures stem from a mixture of popular, jazz, rock and classical influences.

Domenico has composed for many ensembles, has been commissioned to write music for various theatrical companies and also for Italian State television RAI. He continues to collaborate with a number of publishing and recording companies including Fonit Cetra, Carisch, Edizioni Paoline, Edizioni Musicali Primo Tema, DV More Records and Edizioni & Discografica Bess.

His original orchestral recordings have featured on RAI TV and his music is performed regularly by all manner of combos not only in Italy but also abroad and particularly in France, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Russia and Australia.

Domenico has represented the State Department of Education on examining boards for students completing courses in electronic music and programming.

He has also been a teacher for a specialist music course conducted by the prestigious Carl Orff Music Society of Pescara.

Nominated a member of the Board of Examiners for those competing for a University Chair, Domenico has also frequently been requested to preside on judging panels for a multitude of regional and national musical competitions.

In the past few years and despite the multiple academic commitments and his current position at the Conservatory of Music, Domenico has somehow managed to return doing (after a lengthy absence) what every true musician enjoys most and that is performing to a live and appreciative audience.

It's no surprise now, particularly during the European summer season, to find him twinkling the ivories and accompanying a sultry female voice at the more fashionable night spots dotted along Italy’s east coast.

Almost superfluous to add a finishing note on this brief resume of Domenico De Simone that It is the desire of GMP to continue its association with such an illuminary for a long time to come.

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